Andy teaching sling craft at the Khumbu Climbing Center’s Instructor Workshop


 The Andy Tyson Memorial Fund Expedition and Training Grant

The Andy Tyson Memorial Fund was created by friends and family in honor of their dear friend, husband, son, brother, colleague, partner and mentor. Whether climbing, mountaineering, skiing, sailing, packrafting, caving, kiting or hiking, Andy loved a good adventure—the more remote and rugged, the better. His expeditions took him to mountains, rivers and oceans around the globe. Andy was a talented outdoorsman, known for his stamina, strength, endurance and ability to suffer with a smile on challenging expeditions that took him around the world. Although expedition objectives were important to Andy, the opportunity to interact with locals and learn about their culture and the natural environment were equally important aspects of his expeditions. As a passionate environmentalist and educator, Andy often volunteered his time to help local outdoor leaders in many of the countries he visited.

The intent of the Andy Tyson Memorial Fund (ATMF) is to further Andy’s spirit of exploration, love of the natural world, belief in the power of outdoor education to create meaningful change in individuals and communities, and the importance of challenging oneself for the benefit of the greater good. Financial assistance, in the form of grants, are intended to further the development of outdoor leaders in developing nations through expeditions of their own and trainings that will benefit their community.

Grant Application Selection Criteria

Recipients of financial aid (grantees) will be selected by the Andy Tyson Memorial Fund Advisory Council. Applicants may be required to provide additional information and references upon request.

We welcome applications from residents of mountain communities in the developing world and from members of indigenous mountain communities anywhere.

  •      Applicants must be 18 years of age.
  •      Applicants may apply as an individual, expedition, team, or group of participants for the same proposed training or objective.
  •      All expeditions must be legal and obtain all necessary permits and visas required by national and local authorities.
  •      All expeditions must be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with Leave No Trace principles.
  •      The team’s overall experience level must match the proposed objective.
  •      The expedition or training must be completed within 12 months of the grant award, or money shall be returned to the Fund in full.
  •      In the selection process, applicants who demonstrate a clear plan for how the expedition or training will benefit other outdoor leaders in his/her community will be given higher consideration.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

  •      All changes to proposed expedition or training must be approved for continued funding by the ATMF. Significant changes may necessitate a return of money in full. Please contact the ATMF as soon as possible if a change is anticipated.
  •      The ATMF will be advised of final expedition travel or training dates.
  •      If, after a ATMF grant is awarded, additional funding is obtained and the ATMF award is no longer needed, or if an expedition is “over-funded,” the recipient is asked to return additional money so that the fund may benefit other applicants.
  •      Grantees are required to submit a collection of 12 digital photographs, a map of area and route (if applicable) and a written or orally recorded report of the expedition or training within two months of completion. These materials may be used by the ATMF. (English is preferred, but native language is acceptable.)
  •      Grantees, and any team or training participants benefiting from ATMF funding, agree to act as an ambassador for the ATMF. This includes mentioning support from the Andy Tyson Memorial Fund in any and all media forms including publications, film/video, social media and public presentations. Recipients are encouraged to wear the ATMF logo for photographs, etc.


Submit application to:

  •      Applications must be submitted in MicroSoft Word or GoogleDocs
  •      The ATMF will do our best to consider all applications regardless of English language skills. Please contact us at  if you need to submit in a language other than English.
  •      Deadline is March 15, 2016. No late applications will be accepted. Recipients will be announced April 20, 2016.

**Please use additional space if needed. 

Date of Birth:


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Best means of contact (Viber, Facebook, Mobile, Email):


Name of expedition or proposed training:

Description of expedition goals or proposed training. (Please provide a complete description of the expedition or training. Use additional space, if necessary):

How will this expedition or training help further develop your skills as an outdoor leader?

How will you share what you’ve learned from your expedition or training with other outdoor leaders in your community?


What is your outdoor experience and how has it prepared you for the proposed expedition or training?


What is the experience of other team members or training participants?


Expedition or training budget: Include airfare, overland transportation, supplies, food, permits, porters, and any other expenses.

Expedition or training itinerary: Provide a schedule of the proposed objective or training. If training, indicate what types of expert teachers, if any, you are looking for your proposed training. (Example: Rock rescue expert, avalanche expert, Wilderness First Aid expert, etc. ) 


What is your first aid experience? What is the first aid experience of your expedition or training members?


What are the hazards that you may encounter, including political problems?


What emergency equipment will you use? What are your emergency evacuation plans and emergency resources?


What additional funding do you have? What funding are you seeking? List source and amount.


Provide the name and contact information for two references that can speak to your outdoor technical and leadership skills:


Email contact:

Relationship to applicant:

Attach additional relevant photographs, maps or information that will augment this application. Additional material can be attached as a PDF or can be sited through an Internet link.